Potatoes are a food item found in Stranded Deep.


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May 17, 2021 · Once they have built their farming plots, the yucca fruits can be planted in them.


It sounds like there is a combination of two issues occurring. As far as I know, only yucca and young palms grows back. It can be found on most islands in pairs.

They can be found on most islands, usually in pairs near each other.

2. Until you’re off the starter island yucca and palm saplings are a rare. Yucca Farming on Xbox Console? I've seen videos on YouTube of people farming yucca plants, I'd like to figure this out so I can plant my own yucca but when I chop a yucca.

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My waterskin is full and in my hand.

Keep the plots watered, they will regrow after a few days.

This cannot be. It seems the Yucca tree may be duplicating within its farming plot, and you are only supposed to gain 6 leaves per harvest and then it needs to regrow.

The coconut flask holds 1 portion of water. Apr 17, 2023 · It sounds like there is a combination of two issues occurring.

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Players can increase their supply by planting Yucca Fruit in a Farm Plot to grow more yucca trees.

Yucca Fruit are plants that be obtained from the Yucca Tree.


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Yucca cuttings can be planted in plots and grown into yucca plants for leaves, not used directly as fuel for the still. . To find Young Palm Trees, look for plants that. . . .

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Stranded Deep is a realistic, survival. They will never regrow.

Fibrous Leaves are found by cutting down either Young Palm Trees or Yucca Plants.

In this Stranded Deep tutorial we are going to go through a full farming master class on everything you need to know about farming in Stranded Deep.


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My waterskin is full and in my hand.