Jake Gyllenhaal's body transformation for a new UFC movie - "Road House 2023🎬" 19 May 2023 21:11:15.


On Tuesday, August 2, Prime Video announced that a new version starring Jake. .


Jake Gyllenhaal.

. Aug 2, 2022 · The movie will stream on Prime Video at release. .

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Prime Video announced Tuesday the "Road House" remake, which will star Oscar and Tony nominated actor Jake Gyllenhaal. The role required some. Aug 24, 2022 · The Road House remake finds Jake Gyllenhaal leading a cast that includes Billy Magnussen.

. And, as you can see below, star Jake Gyllenhaal has shared the first look at Road.

No release date for Road House has been revealed yet.


. The highly anticipated UFC 285 fight card features Jon Jones' return.

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal, left, prepares to film a scene for an upcoming remake of the 1989 movie “Road. .


The upcoming Road House reimagining starring Jake Gyllenhaal is currently in production, and in a series of new photos from the set, fans get a good glimpse at.


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. . Doug Liman will direct the film from a script by ‘The Nice Guys’ writer Anthony Bagarozzi and Charles Mondry. . .

A tough but soft spoken bouncer takes a job in a small town bar only to run afoul of a corrupt business.

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Jake Gyllenhaal found he lost "all fun and imagination" when he underwent major transformations for acting roles.




The movie, which features Jake Gyllenhaal and is directed by Doug Liman (Swingers, Mr.