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We are home of the Divine 4-FT dosas. Try our authentic dishes and fall in.


Our Owners are bringing you the dishes they've grew up with, which were perfected over the years by their parents and grandparents.

Our Locations. . Delivery & Pickup Options - 57 reviews of Zeera Indian Cuisine "Brand new restaurant.

Our delicacies encompass the entire gambit of wholesome meals from succulent appetizers, freshly baked tandoori breads , rice preparations to rich and smooth curries along with tandoori style meat and vegetables completed with our tempting traditional Indian desserts.

May 11, 2023 · Don’t miss the extensive hot options like the chole bhature—garbanzo beans cooked in a medley of delicious spices and served with a larger version of pani—and our favorite order, paneer tikka masala with a side of fluffy naan and slices of chile and onion to cleanse the palate. 7. Food tasted divine and home cooked.

. Experience Indian food at Puranpoli in Santa Clara, CA.


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Delivery & Pickup Options - 3 reviews of Royal Taj Authentic Indian Cuisine "Excellent new option for south and north Indian cuisine in the Pinehurst area. Food tasted divine and home cooked.

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All the different chutneys and sabzis were separated into little containers, allowing us to eat and enjoy without worrying about them mixing up during transit. Starters. Saravana Bhavan has become a household name for South Indian cuisine lovers.

Saravana Bhavan has become a household name for South Indian cuisine lovers. Historically we have specialised in authentic south Indian cuisine but by popular demand we have extended delicious north Indian menu and have introduced a Indo-Chineese Delicacies. 1531 Stout St. . Much appreciated and highly recommended. .

basmati rice, stir fried with chicken, egg and onions.

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Dosas are a typical South Indian staple food in the form of crepes made from fermented rice and lentils, accompanied with sides like sambar (a tangy lentil soup with vegetables) and various kinds of chutneys (coconut, tomato, tamarind, mint).

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