Come, Lord, and shower Your wisdom on us as we gather for this meeting.

Opening a Board Retreat.

Bless us as we begin this vital strategic work on behalf of Xavier’s students. Dear Lord, please give me wisdom.

Dear Lord, please give me courage, As I approach each hurting bed.

Forgive us for having our minds set on other things and not giving you the honor you deserve.

– Jim Rohn. Hansell B. Invocations and Pledges.

May 7, 2023 · Ahead of a highly anticipated meeting between President Joe Biden and Congressional leaders on Tuesday, senior Treasury officials reiterated dire warnings of economic "chaos" and "catastrophe" if.

Heavenly Father, we thank You for the opportunity to gather here in fellowship with other believers. com. .

Guide our hearts and our minds in the. Lord of Lions, let all we do and say in this meeting honor You and to the principles of Lionism.


The following are examples.

. Let us pray, Good and Loving God, our source of love, light, and wisdom.

An invocation prayer or speech invokes the presence of God and asks God to bless and guide the meeting or event. Starting your meetings with an inspirational opening creates a motivated team and fosters productivity and efficiency.

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.
Gather Together Prayer.
We ask that you guide and direct our club, its leaders and our actions.

differences and reach agreement satisfactory to all.

com Answers Invocations can be at the opening of a meeting, business, retreat, ceremony, graduation,sporting event,award ceremonies, banquet dinners, fundraiser anywhere an observed.

. Be inspired as you read these. You are the light of the world, let us follow you out of the darkness.

Sample Invocations from toastmasters Emily Dickenson once said, "I dwell in Possibility. 3. Over 300 Invocations offer the reader easy reference to all aspects of Rotary including “Service Above Self”, The Four Way Test and the Seven Areas of Rotary Focus. A key part of business activities, a meeting invitation email is a written message with a demonstration of the purpose of the meeting and a request for people to. . Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

For, we know that it is through serving that we can span our differences and work in harmony.

Bless us as we begin this vital strategic work on behalf of Xavier’s students. .

Prayers for Meetings and Ceremonies.

We acknowledge this gift and Thy love which prompts it.



Bless us as we begin this vital strategic work on behalf of Xavier’s students.